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Big Struggles Make For Big Wins

bsbwAndy stands at the starting line, poised to take off the first second he can. While his teammates all listen for the loud “bang!” of the starting gun, Andy instead watches for the smoke to come wafting out of it because he is profoundly deaf. As soon as he sees that glimpse of gray smoke, he’s off. In his three years on the track team, Andy has broken two high school records at McGann Mercy. “He has a stack of ribbons in his room,” says Crista Barker, his mother, “and in every race he was in, he finished in the top four. Usually the top two.”

Andy never let his deafness deter him from something he wanted to do, including running track and cross-country. “I was the only deaf person on the team,” he signs, “but we were all …

It’s About The Meat, Man!

My 17-year-old daughter, Angie, and I slowly closed in on a bunch of elk last fall. There were about 80 animals in the herd, including several bulls. We were 200 yards out when a small group of cows spotted us. Angie quickly rested her rifle on shooting sticks, made herself comfortable in deep snow and touched off a shot. Moments later, a fat cow lay still.

Angie had a cow tag, and if you think she was disappointed because she couldn’t shoot a bull, you’re wrong. This was a meat hunt, pure and simple. Our family serves game meat exclusively at home, and the flesh of cow elk is rated absolutely tops on our kitchen table.

A friend of ours had a bull tag that same year. He’s a good hunter, has good horses and spent plenty of time riding

What Is The Best Raid Repair Software?

RAID (redundant array of independent disks or formally, redundant array of inexpensive disks) is a method of organizing and categorizing your computer?s files into a system of multiple hard drives that stores data. As your hard drive retrieves and stores data during use, RAID array works with your hard drive to store the data in a different way, over more disks and using an efficient algorithm. Primarily, this system is meant to improve the performance of your computer as data is organize more efficiently and effectively. Data is categorized function and then stored accordingly, allowing your computer to perform more efficiently as the hard drive is less cluttered with data. RAID is not meant to be used as a sole back-up system for your hard drive because in the event of drive failure data can become irretrievable. As RAID …

Stop Snoring Using A Snoring Mouthpiece And Save Yourself Some Sleep

snoring-tipsPeople should?really know?that snoring can be prevented. There are efforts you can exert in able to avoid all this lost sleep right from the get-go. Although it is important to note that aging does sometimes play a factor. One of the things that can predispose snoring is throat muscle weakness. The muscles within the throat will eventually become weak as you age. But the weakening of these muscles can progress faster if the person is taking good care of his or her health. Consuming fruits and vegetables can be helpful in delaying this process. It is also advised to stop smoking and limit alcohol consumption. Cigarettes contain harmful elements that can cause various illnesses.

People can also avoid snoring by keeping an ideal weight. This is because obesity is said to be a predisposing factor for snoring too. If there …

With Strength, Don’t Neglect Flexibility

wsdnfEspecially critical to Rogers and Klaus’ success and safety is core strength and flexibility–both key, often neglected elements of fitness. Having a strong core–the erector muscles of your lower back and the rectus abdominis, obliques and transverse abdominis of your stomach–will help you avoid nagging back injuries that can not only make for a painful golf swing, but can also knock your training off-track. A firmed-up midsection will help you handle heavier weight with exercises such as squats and standing shoulder presses, which translates to more muscle gain. Lastly, increased flexibility will reduce injuries and muscle soreness and give you greater range of motion.


On days when he doesn’t jump out of a plane several times, Klaus usually lifts weights for an hour to an hour and a half. Because his work recruits even the smallest and most …

Conservation Remains A Huge Part Of New York Hunting

Like most hunting laws,?conservation New York Style?started in rod and gun clubs. Organized hunters in the New York State Conservation Council decided it was necessary to do something about hunting accidents. Veterans returning from World War II swelled the ranks of hunters, and upwards of 150 hunting injuries — 15 to 20 of them fatal — occurred annually.huntcon

In several states, hunters and wildlife agency staff had been teaching hunting courses at rod and gun clubs and at conservation summer camps for years. New York’s Conservation Department records of this date back at least to 1944. Those courses, however, were reaching only a small percentage of hunters.

By 1949, the Conservation Council had agreed on mandating a gun safety course for younger hunters, and convinced the State Legislature and Governor to enact it. Of course, it was up to the

Coyote Busting – The Great Battle

Whoa, man. Whoa!

Whoa, man. Whoa!

Say “federal hunters” at your local watering hole and you’ll trigger a lot of quizzical looks, as people picture everything from hot-on-the-trail IRS agents to special prosecutors. But in fact, today’s federal hunter is just a pickup-driving, helicopter-flying westerner with one very unique job: He’s on the payroll to hunt down coyotes that kill livestock.

There are 750 coyote hunters working for a program called Wildlife Services (WS) under the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 17 western states.

Glynn Riley, 63, of Brownwood, Tex., is acknowledged by his peers as the best. He doesn’t hide his pleasure that he’s living his boyhood dream, and he frowns when he speaks about possible retirement. He’s a truly humble man, with a cowboy hat, a soft Texas drawl and mountains of respect from the local ranchers, who call him “Wolf