What Is The Best Raid Repair Software?

RAID (redundant array of independent disks or formally, redundant array of inexpensive disks) is a method of organizing and categorizing your computer?s files into a system of multiple hard drives that stores data. As your hard drive retrieves and stores data during use, RAID array works with your hard drive to store the data in a different way, over more disks and using an efficient algorithm. Primarily, this system is meant to improve the performance of your computer as data is organize more efficiently and effectively. Data is categorized function and then stored accordingly, allowing your computer to perform more efficiently as the hard drive is less cluttered with data. RAID is not meant to be used as a sole back-up system for your hard drive because in the event of drive failure data can become irretrievable. As RAID array works with your computer, the data is stored and sometimes copied, depending on the level of RAID. Because of this data storage, RAID recovery companies can be trusted to retrieve data from your hard drive(s) after a malfunction. Depending on the RAID level (a level which determines the necessary security and storage for each file) the data is stored on two or more disks, creating more copies of the files in case of hard drive malfunction.

There are multiple companies that offer RAID data recovery and many of these provide downloadable software that allows for at-home RAID recovery and rebuilding. When your computer?s RAID array malfunctions, your data is often lost and inaccessible through your hard drive. To recover that data, the RAID array must be rebuilt. This can either be done remotely through a data recovery company or by a technician affiliated with one of these companies at a physical location. Another option is software that allows for RAID to be reconfigured at-home with a step-by-step instruction to guide the user through the recovery process.

Stellar Phoenix RAID Recovery Tech is a downloadable software program that provides RAID rebuild and data recovery that is conducted in your own home. This software offers a free download that will run through the recovery process completely but will not release the recovered data until the program is registered. This software is specifically designed for Windows users, but can be used with other systems as well for a greater cost.

The cost for a Microsoft Windows capable program is $299.00, but for a program compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows the cost is over $800.00. The service provides recovery of RAID levels 0, 5 and 6 and works with all Windows hard drives, external media sources and RAID servers. It is a good option for small businesses with servers that support multiple computers because after its initial use it will continue to protect your data by creating virtual RAID.

With Stellar Phoenix RAID Recovery, there is also the option for remote RAID recovery over a network. The Remote Recovery Agent option allows for remote RAID data recovery no matter the location, as long as the software is installed on both computers. This means that the software can be installed on multiple computers and data can be recovered remotely from one computer to another by connecting through IP addresses.

Because of the cost of the software as well as the many features that are included Stellar Phoenix RAID Recovery is a program best suited to businesses that require multiple computers. Small businesses, the most common user of RAID levels 5 and 6, will find the greatest benefit in purchasing this software due to the advanced RAID recovery options for both home users and technicians.

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